April 9, 2012

Labeling my seeds {easiest project ever?}

Help me out here, ladies.  Do you grow a vegetable garden every year?!

We have never had the space to grow a vegetable garden, but since we’re now living with my parents, my mom has given me permission to “take over” her vegetable garden this year.  I am seriously awful at keeping plants alive – so I’m nervous!  But I do love the memories of picking big tomatoes off of the vines in the summer…mmmm!  I really want this to work!

I planted seeds a few days ago so they could grow into seedlings before I put them into the garden in a few weeks.  We’re trying a bunch of different kinds of vegetables – and hoping that maybe ONE plant will survive! Smile  I’m putting them outside during the day and taking them in at night, since it’s still been pretty cold at night here in PA.

Since I was so confused about which plant was which, I made the *simplest* project ever!  But I thought they turned out so cute – I wanted to share with all of you!

Spring 2012 031

These little markers are now stuck in all of my pots so even if I kill the plants, they looked cute before they died Winking smile

I’m sure you don’t even need a tutorial, but I’ll share anyways!  This is a great project for using up old scraps of paper you have laying around your house.

directions 1

directions 2

The skewers were less than $1.00 for 50 of them (you can pick them up at Wal*Mart).  I used my scrapbooking adhesive for the lase step, but you could use any kind of adhesive you have laying around!

Then just use your best penmanship to label the flags, and you have some stinkin’ cute labels for your seeds that *may* never see the light of day Smile Actually, yours probably will, but there’s a good possibility that mine won’t!

Spring 2012 031

Spring 2012 032

Here they are in their designated containers:

Spring 2012 036

Easy peasy!

*Note – these are definitely not permanent!  These are just little temporary markers for while they’re in these pots and I can take them in and outside.  They would NOT hold up to sustained use and exposure to rain outside.*

Please let me know your thoughts on gardening – help me out a little bit…or just make me feel better and admit if you have the same problems I do! Smile

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  1. Kymberly says:

    My husband and I tried a garden last year and I made garden stakes too. I was so sad when all of the words had washed or faded off within a few weeks. Most of the plants were up, but they were still so tiny it made it hard to tell which were plants and which were weeds. Since you don’t plan on leaving your stakes out over night it shouldn’t matter, but you might want to think of a way to cover them with something to make them a little more waterproof (maybe modpodge would work for this.) They look super cute and I’m sure when the plants sprout and get transferred into the garden you’ll like having the labels still with them.

  2. What an adorable idea! I love simple and easy projects that look amazing! Megan

  3. i just made some very similar ones and covered them with contact paper so they’ll be a bit more weather resistant too – yours turned out darling too! happy spring!

  4. These are so cute! We just planted our first garden and I want to make labels as darling as these.

  5. What a cute little project. 🙂 So simple and sweet. I am planning on planting some herbs out on our patio, but I’m so nervous — I can never keep anything alive! My best friend, who is actually a farmer, is helping me pick out some good, hearty things to grow so that it is more difficult for them to die on me, lol. Good luck!

  6. What a cute idea! I love fast, easy projects!

  7. How funny, I just made something very similar yesterday for my seeds – I also used skewers but I just used regular white paper, nothing fancy! yours look much cuter! I don’t have any advice, I am also a newbie to gardening. I live in a city so just have a balcony, I planted everything in containers and I’m just hoping they stay alive. I have a pretty bad record with plants. Plus since I live in Greece now, the climate is different from what I grew up with and I don’t know what grows here and how. But I do have an olive tree in a big pot on my balcony, and I consider that pretty awesome by itself 😛

  8. These are SO stinkin’ cute! We are just getting ready to start a garden and I have been wondering about how to label our plants. Great idea. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. Aww these labels are adorable!!! I’m hoping to start my first herb garden, I’ll have to make some cute labels too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. These are great Christina!
    Thanks for linking up to this week’s Catch a Glimpse party! I shared this on AGI’s FB page.

  11. These are cute! Perfect for a little garden!


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