Creepy Crawly Critters: Spider Myths & Prevention Tips

How well do you know spiders? Read our infographic for some spooky myth-busting about the common pest.


The itsy bitsy spider rears its ugly head again. The fear that a furry, eight-legged creepy crawler will edge its way to the corner of your pillow tends to exacerbate during the week of Halloween. Here’s some info to help homeowners protect from an infestation and to debunk those myths associated with arachnophobes.

Dewayne Micheal of The Pest Store, a Seattle-based business specializing in critter prevention and control tells us that, “The best way to avoid being haunted or seeing a creepy and often infectious spider is to make sure the perimeter of your home is treated just prior to and during spider season.” If a spider does sneak into your home, Micheal recommends that the first thing to do is have the species identified to find out whether it is hazardous. He adds that “60% of our business in the fall is spider prevention.”

Here are a few of the most terrifying myths that are commonly associated with spiders, and found out which are facts and which are merely myths.

Fact: 99.6% of spiders are venomous, however, only a handful actually pose a danger to humans.

Myth: Petrified to sleep with your mouth wide open? We found no record in any scientific or medical literature of people swallowing spiders in their sleep.

Fact: Ladies, take heed. You are twice as likely to suffer from arachnophobia.

Porch Spider Infographic

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