New Year, New Look: 8 DIY Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

Press the reset button on your bathroom's style with these fresh and easy projects.

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but it’s essential to making you feel fresh and clean everyday. It’s also key to whether or not your guests get a good impression of your home: who doesn’t remember that friend who was perfectly nice, but had a really gross bathroom?

No matter what state your bathroom was in last year, give it some new year’s TLC this month with these eight easy DIY bathroom refreshes. From adding extra storage to just pumping up the flair, these projects will give you plenty of inspiration for making this the Year of the Bathroom in your home. Take a look, then get ready to enjoy your fresh new space!

1. Make a Quaint Hanging Storage Rack

Easy-to-find salvaged materials give your bathroom personality and functionality with this simple rack. Get the instructions here.

Salvage-Style Projects via Apartment Therapy - Faucet Towel RackPhoto courtesy of Apartment Therapy

2. Repurpose a Vintage Frame

Any ornate frame can be repurposed to dress this useful wall shelf. Full how-to here.

I Heart Naptime - Frame ShelfPhoto courtesy of I Heart Naptime

3. Put in Easy Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are chic, sleek, and much easier to DIY than they look. Get the complete instructions here.

Shanty 2 Chic - DIY Floating ShelvesPhoto courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

4. Try a Mini-Renovation

Painted cabinets, new hardware, and some crafty storage additions are all it takes to get a complete reno without the demo. Check out the full project here.

The House of Smiths - DIY Vanity RefreshPhoto courtesy of The House of Smiths

5. Get Vintage Apothecary Charm

These black and gold storage jars would fit in with any décor style. Get the easy DIY here.

LizMarieBlog - Mason Jar Storage JarsPhoto courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

6. Make a Chalkboard Shelf

Organize your bathroom belongings and leave notes for your loved ones with this country-style chalkboard shelf. Full tutorial here.

Makely School for Girls - Chalkboard Towel RackPhoto courtesy of Makely School for Girls

7. Frame Your Mirror

If you have a standard builder-grade bathroom, framing the mirror is one super-easy way to take it to the next level. Learn how here.

Remodelaholic - DIY Bathroom Mirror FramePhoto courtesy of Remodelaholic

8. Make a Custom Shower Curtain

Create a custom shower curtain in any style, color, or size you can imagine with this simple tutorial. Get the full DIY here.

Jenna Burger - Custom Shower CurtainPhoto courtesy of Jenna Burger Design

Top Image Credit: Liz Marie Blog

How are you refreshing your bathroom this year?

Jacqui Adams

Jacqui Adams

Content Marketing Specialist, Jacqui Adams is a writer and editor living in Seattle. She shares a cozy midcentury fixer-upper with her fiancé, her cat, and approximately eight bazillion books. Follow Jacqui on Twitter at @JacquiLeeLu.

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  • syvia goodman

    GREAT IDEAS !!!!!!!!!

  • Jo DiMarco Castiglione

    Like the ideas…don’t cost an arm & a leg!!

  • hunkahunka

    Fruit jars for storage look good when clean, but after a very few weeks, have to go into the dishwasher with a vinegar rinse to sparkle again. And if you ever bump one over onto a tile floor while you’re in there barefooted…well, good luck getting out without cuts. The wooden wall mount shelf over the shower knobs is a novel idea; but it too will look nasty when soapy water splashes off your body onto the wood and the wood looses it’s luster, then in warm climates starts to grow black mold after 3 days. Even brass does not hold up in bathrooms…polished stainless, polished chrome, tile/stone, and plastics a must in a bathroom. Wooden towel racks, divider walls next to toilet, and wooden electrical socket covers and light switch covers will work…but nothing that’s in the shower.

  • meonpc

    Just once I’d like to see what a designer would do with a bathroom that is 6 x 6 (like mine). How do you get it all in there and not go crazy?!

    • Jacqui Adams

      Meonpc, I totally understand your pain! My bathroom is about the same size and it’s so awkward and cramped! We should definitely do some pieces on laying out small bathrooms.