A Mud Room Designed for Your Dog

Is your pet a part of the family? Check out this custom designed room for all you dog lovers.

Managing a family can be hectic, but when you add a couple family pets into the mix your life gets even busier. For those of you who adore your dog(s), but just don’t have enough space or resources in your home to properly care for them – we’ve found a solution.

This home’s mud room addition was custom built to provide plenty of resources for the family’s dogs. See how this functional space was designed to cater the needs of both the family and their loved pets.

There are many components to this mud room that are customized to make life easier for both the family and the dogs. The following are a few of the amenities:

S.J. Janis Company, Inc 1

1. Washing Station

This sanding height dog washing station includes a shower base and wall mount hand shower for easy washing without back pain.

2. Retractable Step

A lower cabinet beneath the washing station opens up, exposing retractable stairs for easy access to bathing.

S.J. Janis Company, Inc 2

3. Preparation Zone

Extra cabinet space was made for food/medication preparation and storing of other items.

4. Water Bowl & Drain

An under mount sink for fresh water and easy draining.

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If that’s not enough, the room also includes hooks by the door to hang leashes and an exit to a fenced backyard with an in-ground pool just for the dogs! Get started on managing your home space to fit the needs of all your family members, dogs included!

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What do you think about designing a room dedicated to your pet? Let us know in the comments below!

All Image Credit: S.J. Janis Company, Inc

Mady Dahlstrom

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This is awesome. It’s probably not something most families will be able to implement, but if I had the chance, I totally would.


I had the opportunity to design my dog room and we have the waist level bath (for me) with an open end for the dog to get in. Since none of them love the bath, they don’t jump in readily. I love the idea of the stairs. I have the hooks near the door for leashes, vests and grooming apron. We have our grooming table on wheels so I can move it over to the tub and the dogs just walk out onto the table. Most of this is to save my aging back.


This is fabulous. I wish I had this in a part of my home for my little ones. One thing that they left out was a gate on that door way as the dog is getting out of the tub. He will turn and take off running all over the house without being contained in the grooming room.

Ash Nicole

I think I’d want the wash station on the ground with a door because my large dogs would be too much up there!


I love this idea, and since we have pets that are family, I would love to see this room built in to our household .Now we just have to figure out where the budget for this comes from!

Sue Roberts-Kurpis

this is genius. My only problem would be getting my very big dogs to go up the stairs in the first place. Might just have to give up on the standing height shower.


I like the idea with a few modifications though, definitely would be good for washing muddy feet off,

Bonnie L Daisy

love it! Wish I had the space and the money to do something like this for my dog.

Louisa Hill

I’m actually contemplating building a new house; and something such as this would be ideal as I want to create a boutique boarding kennel for 6-8 kennels depending on council approval. As such , can you please give me an indication of cost? I think a setup such as the one illustrated in that it appears to be very functional. How do I get a quote please

Renee Taylor

I love this idea. I have a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkie. Both high maintenance dogs. I also have a bad back which makes it hard for me to bath them in my bathtub. With this I could stand, bathe and groom them. It would save me a lot of money, pain, and clean up.

Jean Smith

I would love this! Maybe it would help keep my house a little cleaner with 8 dogs & 5 cats!

Sherry Vervaecke

Oh how I love this ! my goldens and my house would love it too !

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