Hooked on Haunt: A Breakdown of Haunted Houses in America

Do you like haunted houses? Read our infographic and find out the best place to live if you like being spooked.


Is a haunted house on your to do list this October? If you’re an 18-24-year-old man living in the northeastern US, chances are your answer is yes. According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, roughly one in three Halloween-celebrating adults will visit a haunted house this year.

Fear is big business in the United States, and with over 4,500 haunted houses spread across the country—an average of 90 haunted houses per state—there’s no shortage of choices for spook-seeking revelers. But the scare doesn’t stop there—while haunted houses are popular, more than twice as many people plan to decorate their own house, bringing fright night home for friends and family.

“Around Halloween, I find that it used to be a ‘kids’ event but increasingly it’s also for adults,” explained Seattle interior designer Faith Sheridan. “The masks are wonderful and seem to make for a conversational and sometimes controversial party.”

Check out these other spooky stats on haunted houses compiled by Porch:

Haunted Houses Infographic Porch

Tim Ellis

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  • Darci McGrath

    Awesome – I will actually be using this in my classroom on Halloween after watching a short on haunted houses.