8 DIY Fire Pits to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Start warming up to warm weather with a cozy fire pit that you can make yourself.

It might not be exactly tropical in your neighborhood yet. But for many of us, it’s finally warm enough to start daydreaming about summer. And that means thinking about getting the yard ready for cookouts, ball games, and gatherings under the stars.

If you’re thinking about the changing seasons, think about making your own fire pit. This popular backyard feature is surprisingly easy to construct, and will bring your outdoor living to the next level. Make a quick trip to the hardware store, grab the kids to help out, and you can have one of these gorgeous backyard features by this weekend!

1. Stone-Topped Fire Pit


2. Upcycled Lantern Fire Pit

3. Concrete Bowl Fire Pit

4. In-Ground Organic Fire Pit

5. Glass and Metal Mini Fire Pit

6. Raised Brick Paver Fire Pit

7. Mini No-Wood Fire Bowl

8. Fire Pit Patio (With Bench!)

Top Image Credit: Alderwood Landscaping

Are you thinking of adding a fire pit to your yard this year? Is it warm enough in your town yet to even think about spending the evening making s’mores?

Jacqui Adams

Jacqui Adams

Content Marketing Specialist, Porch.com. Jacqui Adams is a writer and editor living in Seattle. She shares a cozy midcentury fixer-upper with her fiancé, her cat, and approximately eight bazillion books. Follow Jacqui on Twitter at @JacquiLeeLu.


Jacqui Adams

I’ve never seen one of those, dale, but it sounds cool!

dale ruff

Hobos favor the barrel fire pit and you can also use it to burn you organic trash! I prefer the uncluttered just cut off the top, punch some holes near the bottom, and fire up.

Douglas Furlong

None of these fire pits would be safe for a state(California) that is dry. There is no fire pit that has a soot or flaming debris blocker.

Jacqui Adams

That’s a good point, Douglas. Folks, please be sure to set your fire pit in a place where sparks won’t fly into any dry grass or trees, and be fire safe–especially in dry areas!


Great, very attractive ideas! Thanks much 🙂 Most look as though we could have one ready to use in just a couple days. (Once fire season is finally done)!

Steve Gross

Hobos’ fire pit…LOL! It’s called not freezing to death!

Jeffrey Farrar

You can’t have a wood fire pit in your backyard in many suburban areas…they are against fire code and pollute neighbors air! Are some of these gas fired?

Brian K Morris

Polluting neighbors air? Sounds like a serious liberal thing to say.

I burn wood in my BBQ pit; I dare someone to tell me I’m polluting their air lmao.


I see the nanny state policies creeping in again, I have been an outdoorsman for 50 years and as long as you use your head and follow basic safety rules, all of the above are safe.

Anne Reagan

Great comments! Yes, you’ll want to check with your county or state regarding burn bans as well as building codes. Safety should be a number one priority when considering a fire pit, as does where you place your BBQ or outdoor grill. And there are plenty of fire pit designs that can incorporate gas instead of wood as a fuel source. Installing a gas line usually requires a permit so be sure to hire a licensed contractor for this type of work.

Donald Johnson

nice looking fire pits, now I want one. Off to the store.

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