20 Beautiful Walk-In Showers That You’ll Feel Like Royalty In

Step into luxury with the new standard in shower design.

If your home is like that of most Americans, then you probably have a shower tub combo. This bathroom staple became popular in the 1940’s, when small “efficiency” homes proliferated across the United States.

But efficiency has its drawbacks. Slowly, but surely, the step-over walls and slippery floors of the shower-tub combo are being replaced by the safer, more comfortable, and more beautiful alternative: the walk-in shower.

These walk-in showers are the new generation in bathroom renovation. Blending seamlessly into any bathroom design, walk-in showers offer a beautiful and practical alternative to a shower-tub combo. Take a look, and let us know what you think of this new shower standard in the comments!

1. Green Luxury

Benco Construction - walk-inProject completed by Benco Construction

2. Spa-Like Sanctuary

Calista Interiors - walk-inProject completed by Calista Interiors

3. Frosted Glass

De Meza + Architecture, Inc. - walk-inProject completed by De Meza + Architecture, Inc.

4. Crystal Lights

Moss Building & Design - walk-inProject completed by Moss Building & Design

 5. Sunny Escape

Devlin Plumbing Services - walk-inProject completed by Devlin Plumbing Services

6. Grounded Grace

Fireclay Tile - walk-inProject completed by Fireclay Tile

7. Teak Tiles

Gelotte Hommas - walk-in 2Project completed by Gelotte Hommas

8. Cabin Calm

DeForest Architects - walk-inProject completed by DeForest Architects

9. Mellow Mosaic

Alexandra Immel - walk-inProject completed by Alexandra Immel

10. Simple Spa

Riverland Homes - walk-inProject completed by Riverland Homes

11. Minimal Master Suite

Gelotte Hommas - walk-inProject completed by Gelotte Hommas

12. Tasteful Tile

Colleen Knowles Interior Design - walk-inProject completed by Colleen Knowles Interior Design

13. Vintage Vanity

Jackson Remodeling - walk-inProject completed by Jackson Remodeling

14. Restful Resort

Jennifer Post Design - walk-inProject completed by Jennifer Post Design

15. Peaceful Place

Neil Kelly - walk-in 2Project completed by Neil Kelly

16. Aqua

Paulsen Construction Services - walk-inProject completed by Paulsen Construction Services LLC.

Rossington Architecture - walk-inProject completed by Rossington Architecture

Neil Kelly - walk-inProject completed by Neil Kelly

DeForest Architects - walk-in 2Project completed by DeForest Architects

Top Image Credit: DeForest Architects

Jacqui Adams

Jacqui Adams

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Since I’m thinking of turning a closet in my master bedroom into a walk-in shower, I just HAD to check this out. I wasn’t disappointed. There are some very inspiring remodeling jobs pictured in your article. I love transom windows for the beautiful light they add, while still managing to keep a feeling of privacy, so I was thrilled to see some of that being used. I was also very inspired by the built-in shower seats. Thank you for sharing, and for giving us all a good idea of the costs for some of these things, great job! 🙂

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