16 Dazzling DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Celebrate the season with these colorful, creative Easter egg decorating projects.

Easter is here, and that means pretty, whimsical, and colorfully decorated eggs to celebrate the season. But these dazzling DIYs don’t stop at the same old dye. From gold foil to melted crayons, these awesome Easter eggs will bring some creativity to your holiday.

Whether you make Easter eggs with kids or as a fun craft with friends, these sixteen projects will be sure to brighten your home and inspire your weekend.

1. Gold Foil Eggs

2. Ombré Eggs

3. Neon & Metallic Eggs

4. Color-Dipped Eggs

5. Portrait Eggs

6. Tropical Vacay Eggs

7. Paper Napkin Eggs

8. Doily Stencil Eggs

9. Melted Crayon Eggs

10. Polka Dot Eggs

11. Silk Scarf Eggs

12. Painterly Pastel Eggs

13. Brown Painted Eggs

14. Neon Geometric Eggs

15. Hipster Eggs

16. Watercolor Eggs

Top Image Credit: Miss Renaissance

Do you make Easter eggs each year? Will you try any of these projects?

Jacqui Adams

Jacqui Adams

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