11 Sweet Valentine's Day DIY's

Treat yourself or your sweetheart with these easy and cute ideas!

February 14th is a day full of sweet treats, candy hearts, red and pink decor, and lots of love. Whether you’re single and spending the day with your friends or you have a special someone who is your valentine, decorating and giving Valentine’s Day DIY’s can be fun and loving.

Get ready for the day of love with these 11 sweet Valentine’s Day DIY ideas!

1. No Sew Conversation Heart Stamped Napkins

Say Yes

Photo courtesy of Say Yes

2. Sweet Wreath

Making Home Base

Photo courtesy of Making Home Base

3. Heart Pom Pom

Uncommon Designs

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Designs

4. Pop-Up Box Valentines

You Are My Fave

Photo courtesy of You Are My Fave

5. Button Burlap Heart

Southern Lovely

Photo courtesy of Southern Lovely

6. Heart Jars

Mason Jar Crafts Love

Photo courtesy of Mason Jar Crafts Love

7. X & O Pillows

Maison De Pax

Photo courtesy of Maison de Pax

8. Love Mug

At The Picket Fence

Photo courtesy of At The Picket Fence

9. Love Letters Wall Art

Four Generations One Roof

Photo courtesy of Four Generations One Roof

10. XO Marquee Sign

Gemmas Party Style

Photo courtesy of Kristi Murphy via Gemma’s Party Style

11. Roll-Up Wreath

Place of My Taste

Photo courtesy of Place Of My Taste

What is your favorite way to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Kristi Murphy via Gemma’s Party Style

Mady Dahlstrom

Mady Dahlstrom

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